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Water channel Cologne-Lindenthal Foto: Helmar Mildner

SOCLIFE is an interdisciplinary Research Training Group at the University of Cologne which offers, beside other things, a structured doctoral program at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences. It is sponsored as a prestigious Research Training Group by the German Research Foundation. Recently, the SOCLIFE board consists of 17 active professors from the faculty. They not only have the task of advising and deciding on SOCLIFE activities, but also of supervising SOCLIFE PhD students.

SOCLIFE focuses on quantitative cross-national comparisons in the social and economic sciences. Its research is characterized by simultaneously analyzing influences of individual factors and of country-level factors - such as social order of politics, economics, civil society or the history of countries - on people’s attitudes or behavior.

The structured program of SOCLIFE is not only beneficial to the privileged circle of SOCLIFE scholarship holders. SOCLIFE enhances the pursuit of knowledge beyond its scholarship holders. The many workshops and courses that are organized by SOCLIFE, either on its own or in cooperation with other institutions inside or outside from the University of Cologne, are accessible to all interested persons. Interested scientists in the field of international comparative quantitative research can apply for a membership at SOCLIFE.

The organization unit GK SOCLIFE operates financially and administratively independent of the Cologne Graduate School (CGS). Prospective candidates can apply for both scholarships at the same time. In case both applications are successful, the candidate will be required to choose between GK SOCLIFE and CGS.

The complete information on the program is available here.