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Facts and Figures

  • SOCLIFE started its program in October 2008 with the first cohort consisting of six PhD students. The second cohort, which is formed by eight international students, started in October 2009 with their research projects. Both cohorts are eager to do excellent research within the field of quantitative international comparative research.
  • In September 2011, that is in accordance with our target of three years, four out of six scholars from the first cohort finished their dissertation. The other two cohort members finished in January and April 2012.  
  • In October 2011, the third cohort started into the successful program.
  • At the beginning of the SOCLIFE program in 2008, the board of professors consisted of ten Professors from diverse research fields within the WISO-Faculty of the University of Cologne. As of today, the SOCLIFE board – and related to this its areas of research – has increased to 18 members.
  • Since October 2008, our PhD students have spread the name of SOCLIFE and the WISO-faculty of the University of Cologne to a broad audience. As of December 2010, both cohorts have visited 40 conferences and published 14 articles in peer-reviewed journals or edited volumes.
  • SOCLIFE has organized many workshops and courses either on its own or in cooperation with other institutions inside or outside the University of Cologne. One workshop was organized together with the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Sess.EuroPhD in June 2010. Its aim was to enhance cross institutional projects.
  • In September 2010, SOCLIFE started its own working paper series. All papers are subject to review by one member of the Editorial Board or external experts. You can find or request the 16 papers here.
  • We are looking forward to meet the fourth cohort of SOCLIFE in October 2012. If you are eager to do research in one of our research fields and also able to work in a collaborative research environment, you should familiarize yourself with our application procedure. Applications will be accepted from April 2013 till May 2013.

(As of December 2012)